Bitcoiners before the hype.

At Comet, we know crypto. We've been evangelising the power of blockchain since 2013 and have followed its evolution through every price cycle and wave of innovation. Let us help you navigate this fast-changing landscape and bring your blockchain baby to life.

Ethereum Development

We're no strangers to dApp design. If you're building on Ethereum or other smart-contract-based blockchains, let us help you get it right. Groundbreaking tech and good CX should go hand in hand!

Marketing Strategy

The crypto industry is full of unique language, concepts, and memes. Let us help you get inside the mind of your users and craft a marketing approach that will deliver results.

Community Introductions

With irons in the fire for more than 7 years, our network in the Australian Blockchain community runs deep. We can help you find your way to the right people and organisations your project

Marketing Automation

Leverage the power of customer data and reach your users with responsive, real-time marketing based on their preferences, interactions, and preferred channels.

Customer Journeys

Lead your customers down the right path at every stage of their journey. From acquisition to retention and win-back, we'll help you craft contextual messaging that keeps your customers coming back again and again.


User experience doesn't end with a sale. At Comet we'll help you to turn your users into raving fans and keep them engaged with your product or progress to more advanced services over time.

Our specialties


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Let us help you cut through the noise and streamline your next project, software implementation, or campaign. Don't know where to begin? Give us a ring!