We help e-commerce brands strike the right balance between high-touch marketing and protecting brand reputation to deliver memorable customer experiences and grow revenue.

Software Integration

Technology should work for you, not the other way round. We can help you weave a powerful software ecosystem that gives your customers amazing experiences and put world-class capabilities in the hands of your team.

Customer Data Strategy

Few industries have as much access to customer data as e-comm. Let us help you build a strategy for data collection, compliance, and management, protecting your business and delighting your customers.

Marketing Automation

Leverage the power of your rich data and reach your customers with responsive, real time marketing based on their preferences, interactions, and preferred channels.

Customer Journeys

Lead your customers down the right path at every stage of their journey. From acquisition to retention and win-back, we'll help you craft contextual messaging that keeps your customers coming back again and again.

Omni-Channel Strategy

We'll help you surprise and delight your customers by connecting your email, advertising, SMS, and support agent touch points into one consistent and seamless experience.


Customer experience doesn't end with a sale. At Comet we'll help you to turn your customers into raving fans and keep them engaged with your brand, purchase after purchase.

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