If you're solving CX challenges with technology, we're your people. The team at Comet are your digital CX angels.

Digital Transformation
Big project looming? Let's crush it. Helping businesses transform and grow is our 'What', the satisfaction we get from their success is our 'Why'.


Systems Audit

We'll help you understand the gaps in your digital ecosystem and map business requirements to existing and future state technologies. Let us get under the hood and take the hassle and resource strain out of a systems refresh.


Solution Recommendations

With a wealth of expertise spanning the breadth of customer experience technologies, we help our clients identify the right vendors and solutions to meet any business goal or challenge.


Remedial Consulting

When things go wrong, having an outside perspective can be one of the fastest ways to bring your ecosystem, data, or project back in alignment with business goals.


Data & Systems Architecture

At Comet CX, we get data. Our team can provide expert guidance on systems architecture, data strategy, and integrations within the context of your business's requirements.

We help our clients move away from marketing and CRM pain and on to the world's number one platform for customer success


Marketing Cloud

Our bread and butter, Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a foundational part of our business - it's why we're here at all! At Comet, we pride ourselves on a world-class approach to MC implementation, leaving our clients empowered to harness the potential of this industry leading-platform.


Sales Cloud

The gold standard in customer relationship management. Our team works closely with yours to map business requirements to Salesforce capability, ensuring strong user adoption and success on the platform.


Service Cloud

We help our clients integrate VOIP, web chat, marketing automation, and customer data to drive service agent efficiency, customer experience, and reporting insights.



We'll help you to craft engaging and memorable lead nurture, win-back, and customer education journeys that will help your sales team to scale, all while tracking customer email and web engagement.

Marketing Cloud Personalisation
The best thing to happen to marketing since email. We've dedicated ourselves to mastery of Salesforce's most innovative CX solution. Let's turn your customer journey into the true 1-1 experience marketers have sought out since time immemorial.


Site Mapping & Tagging

We'll ensure smooth tag management and site mapping of your website to seamlessly integrate Marketing Cloud Personalisation functionality. For clients with custom-built websites, we work closely with developers to provide bespoke solutions.


Persona Creation

Our team can help you to understand your customer personas and take decisive action to offer real-time engaging experiences that keep them coming back over and over again.


Web Personalisation

Turn your website into a living, breathing business asset which learns your customers behavours and leads them to action. We'll help you identify and implement key web campaigns your customers and bottom line will love.


Email, CRM, & Service Integration

We help you extend the awesome personalisation features of this marketing leading solution to every part of your digital ecosystem. Go further by leveraging 1-1 recommendations and content in your email strategy and specific agent guidance into your sales and service teams.

We help ecommerce brands to build dynamic, efficient, and memorable customer experiences by mapping best in class technology to business logic and brand strategy.


Website Development

Comet's founding team got their start in web development over a decade ago and continue to bring the same energy and passion to web projects today as they did then. Highly experienced in web tech, JS frameworks, and integrations, no ecommerce site is out of bounds.


Platform Configuration

With experience spanning Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce & Magento, our team is equipped to help you navigate any ecommerce ecosystem or project. As Shopify partners, we also support our clients with custom application work to meet any business need.


Software Integration

We are digital plumbers, piping data from where it is, to where you need it to be. We excel at integrating solutions and creating the unified digital ecosystem your business needs and deserves.


Customer Data Strategy

Few industries have as much access to rich customer data as ecommerce. Let us help you build a strategy for data collection, compliance, and management, protecting your business and delighting your customers.

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